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. >> it's mysterious. she'll be in court today. president obama is reaching across the aisle today inviting house republicans to lunch at the white house. molly henneberg is live in d.c. with the details. molly, what's happening with this? >> good morning. well, president obama will meet with senior advisors this morning and with secretary of state hillary clinton this afternoon. but in between that, he has a political power lunch, the president will host the top three republicans in the house of representatives. house speaker john boehner, majority leader eric cantor and majority whip kevin mccarthy. these two sides, the president and the house -- and the house republicans, you know, they frequently don't see eye to eye, for example, the house already has voted in a largely symbolic move to overturn the president's signature health care overhaul legislation and likely to take future steps to defund it. the white house gave a preview of this lunch meeting yesterday. here's more. >> i think that the president looks forward to discussing all issues foreign and domestic. obviously,
arabia king had a terse conversation with president obama yesterday and being described as serious strain between the two leaders with regard to what is going to happen in egypt. king abdullah goes back in time with mubarak and hey, if the united states appears to be throwing out a leader this quickly in egypt, what would they do if there was an uprising in saudi arabia. >> brian: he said obama administration no matter what you decide to do with hosni mubarak, you have to understand the degree of pride this guy has. hoe feels you have not factored in that for him to leave the post and quickly change leadership. >> steve: you mention pride, brian. there is an element of egyptian who have pride in hosni mubarak. he was a war hero and they don't want him to go. there is that element as well and also a element that is supportive of the muslim brotherhood. the muslim brotherhood are for sharia law and tearing up the treaty with israel. james clapper talked about the muslim brotherhood saying it was largely secular which is isn't. listen to what he said. >> >> speaking about the muslim brotherh
asked about that honor. >> i think it's a real honor. when obama called me about it, i was thrilled and i consider the medal of freedom a very special thing. i don't know whether the american people do so i'll be up there getting my little thing, the rosette for the lapel. >> the medal of freedom is the nation's highest civilian honor. mr. bush will receive the award on february 15th at the white house. and those are the headlines. congratulations. >> that's awful nice. >> the ongoing crisis in egypt continues as now there's a general strike over there and now the protesters who were told to go away are fanning out to the parliament building as well as the health and human services building. now, more behind the scenes, back channel talks are being exposed and confirmed by the white house that shows the saudi king essentially firing a verbal warning shot to president obama. >> that's right. ford and you're looking live at pictures of the people in the streets right now in cairo. four days after the people took to the streets, apparently the king of saudi arabia called barack obama
a political position that the parties have taken and yesterday, barack obama was talking to a local affiliate, channel 9 somewhere where he took a political position regarding some of the entitlements. he said social security, we have to tweak a little bit, but basically, we can finance that well into the future. the big drivers of deficit and debt are medicare and medicaid, rising health care costs so the president's political position is for people who are on social security and fixed income, don't worry. your president is not going to touch it. if anybody touches it and if anybody tries to fix it essentially that's what the republicans would say. >> that goes into his whole main plattform of his biggest piece of legislation which is health care. >> you have to fix social security. >> right. but what he's doing is he's -- he's only thinking about getting re-elected, many say, so what he's doing is he's saying i'm going to save you a bunch of money because of the health care initiative that i passed. that's why he's focusing on medicaid and medicare. >> for the first time in decades, we're
. in the meantime, the president of our country, president obama, he went to the air waves last night for a very short speech with an update on the situation in egypt. listen to this. and then we'll discuss the meaning of the word now. >> now, it is not the role of any other country to determine egypt's leaders. only the egyptian people can do that. what is clear and what i indicated tonight to president mubarak is belief that an orderly transition must be meaningful and must be peaceful and it must begin now. >> what does now mean? does that mean today or does it mean the september election? not clear. >> they talked about 30 minute and said in july, i'm not going to -- in september, i'm not going to run again. in august, i'll retire and he indicated his son is not going to be next. when he said his son was going to be next, that's when the people of egypt hit the roof and said you got to be kidding me. he has a tendency to jail his opponents that have a legitimate shot of beating him. question is, is that enough? are the egyptian people going to say is that a slow exit? but if hosni mubarak p
president bush. originally pro president obama. he says no, i think that's a good idea to talk but so far there's been no movement yet. >> so we will keep an eye on that particular square and when there is movement and if they do indeed start to march on the palace we'll keep you posted. yesterday in the 78 eight page opinion, a u.s. district judge of northern florida ruled that the president's health care initiative is unconstitutional. you know that part that is called the -- >> this is gigantic. >> that is unconstitutional. the government, he says, can't tell you, you got to go out and you got to buy insurance or get fined. that's against the law, says roger. >> actually, he ended up saying because of that, the whole thing is unconstitutional. basicly in his ruling, he said you can't just parse out this one segment. you have to then rule that the entire law is unconstitutional. so what happens now? we've had two courts that ruled in favor of the obama administration. one in western virginia and one in michigan. and then you had two courts who say it's unconstitutional. one in eastern v
again. one thing i did not miss was bill o'reilly's interview with president obama. and that happened before the game. he had 14 minutes to try to get in as many questions as possible. he had to start with the news of the day and egypt first and he had a very pointed question for the president about whether or not the muslim brotherhood is in fact a threat to america. >> the muslim brotherhood a great concern to a lot of people. are they a threat to the u.s.a.? >> i think that the muslim brotherhood is one faction in egypt. they don't have majority support in egypt. but they are well organized and there are strains of their ideology that are anti-u.s. there's no doubt about it. but here's the thing that we have to understand. there are a whole bunch of secular folks in egypt. there are a whole bunch of educators and civil society in egypt that wants to come to the floor as well so it's important for us not to say that our only two options are either the muslim brotherhood or a suppressed people. >> you don't want the muslim brotherhood? >> what i want is a representative government
obama awarded the medal of freedom to 15 people including gene kennedy smith, sam musial, yo yo ma and former president george h.w. bush. >> with the steady diplomatic hand of president bush that made impossible an achievement once thought impossible. ending the cold war without firing a shot. >> the medal of freedom is the nation's highest for a civilian. mr. bush cited over 70 years of public service. that's one of the things he talked about, he started that service in world war ii. those are your headlines. >> congratulations to everybody. >> congressional lawmakers breaking out the red pens this morning proposing major changes to the president's new budget proposal. peter doocy is live in washington with the latest. peter? >> brian, that's right. even though congress is still trying to figure out how to fund the government for the rest of 2011, president obama has sent his man from the white house office of management and budget, jack lew over to capitol hill to defend his suggested budget for 2012 and that's a perfecty tall order because so many in congress especially the ne
obama brought in and brought on to business in the first two years of his administration? and how many more rules and regulations have yet to be written with financial reform and worst of all, health care reform? businesses are regulated to the hilt by this administration and the only giveback that we've gotten so far from president obama is this 1099 reporting rule. that's all we've got. >> under the health care law. >> if you look at substance, there is no real change in the regulatory burden on business, period. >> but what i want to get at is that it's only been three months since this administration attacked the chamber of commerce and accused them of using foreign dollars which on its face was proven to not even be true. >> well, it's a shift. it looks like a shift on the part of the president to the center. but it only looks like that. >> only reason why is because of the guy he walked across the lawn with yesterday which is his new chief of staff, bill daley. >> that's part of an image problem, isn't it? has there been any fundamental change from the administration. >> as the f
and it costed the state $22,000 per family. >>alisyn: president obama gave a talk, rather, an interview to a local milwaukee station in which he weighed in to the state matter. listen. >> some of what i have heard coming out of wisconsin where you are just making it harder for public employees to collectively bargain generally seems like more of an assault on unions. everyone has to make some adjustments but i think it is also important to recognize that public employees make enormous contributions to the well-being of our states and our cities. >> no offense to this reporter, but to invite a local reporter in, to talk about an issue involving wisconsin who is facing the same budget deficits so many other states across the country are facing, they are dealing with their problemsen like the president's budget that was submitted on monday that doesn't deal with the entitlement spending nor does it go out of its way to balance the budget. this is extraordinary. the president unleashed his own organizing committee to go out there and fight for the unions in wisconsin. so, what does the demo
obama's press secretary robert gibbs says that the president told mubarak that his people, the egyptians are not going to be satisfied waiting too much longer for elections and secretary of state hillary clinton said basically the same thing to the new egyptian v.p. omar suleiman that the transition needs to begin now. state department made it clear yesterday they do not have a horse in the race for who will take over in egypt. listen. >> this is not our process. this is not our list. we do not have a favorite candidate or candidates. we are not going to anoint any successor to president mubarak. these are decisions to be made by the egyptian people as part of a transition that occurs in egypt. our point is this transition, this process to fundamental change needs to begin now. >> and chairman of the joint chiefs, admiral mike mullin spoke with his egyptian counterpart yesterday and said that he hopes their military can keep things under control. we also heard from the leaders of some other powerful countries yesterday, france, germany, britain, italy and spain said in a joint statement
obama finally taking action and condemning the violence in libya. >> these actions violate international norms and every standard of common decency. this violence must stop. >> but he doesn't mention the dictator qaddafi at all! why? >> it did take him a while to say something, too. wisconsin democrats pulling a duck and cover may cost state workers their jobs. governor scott walker says if they don't return to work and pass the budget by the end of the week tomorrow, people are going to get laid off. >> and a massachusetts lawmaker is weighing in on the union protests. >> every once and a while, you're going to get out and get a little bloody when necessary. >> so much for civility. "fox & friends" starts right now. >> good morning, everyone. it is thursday. we have much to report in our three hour report today. the agent gunned down in mexican, a case of mistaken identity. according to the mexican defense department, the s.u.v. that he was in is the same one used by a rival drug gang. six are in custody after being paraded in front of reporters. the number of people
is on the scene in a sign they are actually supporting the demonstrations. the obama administration says it's in talks with top egyptian officials about the possible of mubarak's immediate resignation. you and the formation of an interim government and a number of journalists in tahrir square has dropped has they become targets for pro mubarak groups. so far, 21 journalists have been attacked including two fox news journalists. just a few minutes ago, iran's supreme leader weighing in on this saying it's similar to iran's 1979 revolution. let's go live to cairo where leland is standing by in the heart of all the protests. good morning to you. >> we're in a safe location. we're on the phone and can't transmit any pictures to you right now. you can see thousands of people out, all praying. this is the day of prayers and the largest gathering you would typically have in the middle east. however, keep in mind what we're not seeing. we're not seeing the violence that has so marked these protests and those images of molotov cocktails. this has been a relatively peaceful protest. some of our crews
miles to mark the tibetan rebellion against china. president obama will awarped the medal of freedom to 15 people today including former president george h.w. bush. also being honored german chancellor angela merkel, warren buffet and poet maya angelou. the medal of freedom recognizes those who have made a contribution to the national interests of the u.s. or to world peace. congratulations. >> you have to add in bill russell there for that magical moment. >> it will be warren buffet and not jimmy buffet? >> that might be margaritaville, though, you never know. >> yesterday morning at this time, we were telling you about the president's big budget and it's big. close to, look at the big board over there. $3.73 trillion. g.o.p. reaction was swift. it spends too much, borrows too much and taxes too heavily. the interesting thing about it and the message of the november election was we can't run these deficits forever. interestingly enough, the president's deficit reduction doesn't actually start to kick in in a profound way until after he is re-elected. if he's re-elected. >> you had
's great. let's talk a little bit about this morning and you'll see it live. president obama's 2012 budget will be released on capitol hill and then the president himself will take to the airways to explain what's in. we have a little bit of idea of what's in it. $1.1 trillion in cuts over the next decade. 2/3 of those are budget cuts and 1/3 are tax hikes on the most successful people in america. >> of course, one of the problems with maybe people say that's good, we're cutting the budget. when you consider the fact that we have a $1.5 trillion deficit this year alone over 10 years, what is $1.1 trillion add up to? that means maybe cuts but maybe not the painful cuts we are poised and thought we had to endure. >> let's take a look at some of the things that apparently will be getting cut under the president's plan. clean water program. >> we don't need that. >> home heating assistance. >> nah. >> pell grants for college. a lot of those are summer programs, though. some of the pell grants would exist for the regular school year. and defense that has been a hot topic for democrats and repu
. here's what else is coming up on our show. a plea to president obama from two people who lost family members on the bombing of pan am flight 103. they have a message for president obama next. >> charlie sheen still has a lot to say. >> yeah, i am on a drug. it's called charlie sheen. it's not available because if you try it once, you will die! >> and that's not all. he's filing a multimillion dollar lawsuit. we'll give you the details. >> oh, boy. eel good? oh, yeah. eel good? v8 juice gives you 3 of your 5 daily servings of vegetables. v8. what's your number? ♪ you know how i feel i feel like jennifer hson but with new arms, new legs, and this smile. ♪ freedom is mine ♪ and i know how i feel i'm loving weight watchers new pointsplus program and the edge it's giving me. ♪ it's a new dawn, a new day i've got even more control now. ♪ and i'm feeling good [ female announcer ] join now for free. hurry, offer ends march 12th. weight watchers new pointsplus. because it works. isn't some optional pursuit. a privilege for the ultra-wealthy. it's a necessity. find investments with
.b.i. wiretap of blago allegedly trying to sell or trade president obama's old u.s. senate seat. his lawyers just asked a federal judge to ban prosecutors from playing those recordings. they say that the evidence is missing context and is unreliable. two pirates and a somali official say a hijacked yacht with four americans on board is nearing somalia's coast and it appears a u.s. warship is following it in preparation for a possible rescue attempt. the owners of the quest, jan and scott adam had been sailing arnold the world for seven years handing out bibles. the other two americans with them now being identified as phyllis mckay and bob riggle. the four left mumbai, india, bound for oman on february 15th. they were taken hostage by pirates three days later. and a woman in colorado was shocked to find out she was given the wrong prescription medication at her local walgreens making her violently ill. mindy martinez was taken antibiotics for a sinus infection, noticed the mistake after she wasn't getting any better. she then took a closer look at that pill bottle. she noticed that someone e
for cold and snow. so vote early, vote often. president obama's former chief of staff has been leading in the polls by about 30 points. over 73,000 early votes have already been cast in the race. >> two sides clash outside city hall. this is in tampa, during a protest in favor of high speed rail. >> let's create jobs! what do we want? high speed rail. >> governor rick scott waved off supporters' efforts to assure him the plan would not cost taxpayers any money. local leaders claim that by privatizing the project, there would be no financial risk but not everyone agreed on this. >> i believe we can. all of the great legal experts in the area say yes, they will be able to put together a local agreement. >> much like everything else that's been done where the federal government has an interest in it. when it fails, when it goes bankrupt, we'll end up paying the bill. >> so the governor rejected $2.4 billion in federal funding for the rails connecting tampa and orlando. >> all right. wow. dramatic audio just released after two jet blue flights were hit by lightning in the boston area.
and president obama really did get the message from november of 2010. what we did, we tackled a failure of the house democrats in the 111th congress in that they did not pass a budget so we passed a continuing resolution but we also tackled the big problem of spending in washington, d.c. and it's time for them to show leadership and it's not about political gamesmanship because the president is the chief executive officer of this corporation called america. and if this country shuts down or the government shuts down, it will be his responsibility. >> right. and you framed it well. as the president of the united states has said in the past, elections have consequences. and your side won and that's what you're choosing to do. >> yes. >> absolutely right. it's very funny and when they have the health care roundtable debate, that was what he said to senator john mccain and others was that, hey, i won. so now he has to understand that the will of the american people clearly came out and we saw a seismic change in the house of representatives. we passed legislation that says, you know, this
the complete majority, for example, when they did in congress and shoved obama care through, hey, obama said, his words. we won. guess what? this just in. republicans won last year because they didn't want the kind of policies of spend, spend, spend. that's what we're looking at. >> essentially, those lawmakers going to illinois took away the votes of the people who in november said we want to change. >> people want to change because they know that the government is doing what they can't do. one of the things that i focus on in this book is you can't spend money you don't have. you can't borrow money that you can't afford to pay back. >> if you were governor walker, would you lay off the people today? >> you have to. you have to show that you're serious and mean business. this isn't a time for empty threats. if he doesn't have to, he shouldn't. if that's what it's going to take to resolve this and purr button, yeah. >> indiana governor and ohio governor, republican, both say they're not going to push to get rid of collective bargaining rights when it comes to salaries because they saw this
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